Nintendo Denies New DS Rumors

New rumors of a redesigned Nintendo DS have no merit, Nintendo says, following speculation from consumer sites and Japanese/Western analysts that the company is prepping a redesign featuring two touch screens, for launch early next year.
Nintendo denies rumors that it is developing a new "dual-touch" Nintendo DS with a larger display and two touch screens, after speculation by consumer sites suggested such a redesign might be in the works. Redesign rumors have abounded since sales of the DS Lite began to fall in Japan last year, despite continued strong sales in the West. Speculation increased following analyst comments, including those from Enterbrain president Hirokazu Hamamura and Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter, who both predicted a redesign. Details of exactly what form such a redesign would take have not been consistent. Widely-circulated rumors ahead of E3 in July predicted a widescreen display. The latest rumors, reported by consumer blog Kotaku, suggest only slightly bigger screens, but a hardware change to make both of them touch sensitive, as opposed to simply the bottom screen. Quoting only unnamed "industry sources," the site suggests that the console will not be released until early 2009. Nintendo officials have already dismissed the story as "rumor and speculation", as the company has never officially discussed a redesign.

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