Nintendo Announces Excitebots, Starfy, More

Nintendo of America revealed a list of games coming soon to Wii and DS, including Punch Out!!!, new titles such as Excitebots: Trick Racing and The Legendary Starfy, plus Night Game, a WiiWare exclusive from Knytt creato
Nintendo of America published a list of games coming soon to Wii and DS, also announcing several new first-party titles and sharing release dates for previously revealed games. The company made public its plans to continue the Excitebike and Excite Truck franchises with Excitebots: Trick Racing, which will feature "unique and changing environments", minigames, and tricks. Launching April 20th, the racing game will include a Wii Wheel accessory, a bundle mirroring Mario Kart Wii. Nintendo dated Punch Out!!!, Next Level Games' revival of the classic boxing game series with returning and new opponents, for May 18th; and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, a "New Play Control!" port from the GameCube with added motion controls, for May 4th. While two other revamped GameCube games, Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis, were listed to ship for Wii on March 9th, the company noticeably did not mention Wii Sports Resort, its sequel to the wildly successful Wii Sports, which will introduce the new Wii MotionPlus peripheral for capturing more complex gestures with the Wii Remote. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, however, which Electronic Arts has already announced will feature support for Wii MotionPlus, is scheduled to debut in June. Nintendo highlighted several more third-party titles, such as High Voltage Software's first-person shooter The Conduit in June; and Electronic Arts' Wii-exclusive EA Sports Active, coming May 19th and featuring a strappable pouch to hold the Wii Remote, a resistance band, and support for the Balance Board accessory. Night Game -- an action/puzzle game developed by Nicalis, the studio employing Knytt series creator Nifflas and making the Cave Story WiiWare port -- was formally confirmed as a WiiWare exclusive. Nominated for the Seumas McNally Award at this year's Independent Games Festival, the title features an atmospheric world inviting players to use real physics to maneuver a glowing sphere through different locales. Other upcoming and highlighted WiiWare titles include Giajin Games' Bit.Trip.Beat, Semna Studios' Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, and Ronimo Games' Swords & Soldiers. On the handheld side, Nintendo announced The Legendary Starfy, the first title from TOSE's long-running Densetsu no Stafy series to cross the Pacific. Shipping May 25th, the game features a cheerful star-turned-starfish who transforms into different creatures while helping a "bunny-eared visitor" recover his lost memory. Also newly dated are Personal Trainer: Walking, which comes with two pedometers that can wirelessly connect with the DS, coming May 25th; and Rhythm Heaven, the Western debut of Japan's popular Rhythm Tengoku microgame series from the creators of WarioWare, due April 5th.

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