Nibris Announces Sadness For Revolution

Following confirmation, from Ubisoft officials, of the existence of Revolution title Red Steel...
Following confirmation, from Ubisoft officials, of the existence of Revolution title Red Steel, a second title appears to have been revealed for the Revolution - albeit with noticeably less fanfare and visuals. A short press release from relatively obscure Polish developer Nibris indicates that the company has signed with a publisher, and is working on a Revolution game entitled Sadness, which will be displayed purely in black and white, with a “pre-World War setting”. According to fan site Revolution Report, the game will be in the "gothic-horror" genre. Further details are promised to be available soon, although the company’s website makes reference only to a series of games named Raid over the River, the first of which is intended for release on the Nintendo DS this year, and may be playable at E3. Whether Sadness is intended as a full price release, or is part of Nintendo’s rumored plans to attract smaller developers creating Xbox Live Arcade style independent games is currently unclear.

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