Multiverse raises $17.5 million for video game-inspired digital tabletop platform

One More Multiverse, a digital tabletop platform inspired heavily by 2D RPGs, has raised $17.5 million at the close of a Series A funding round.

One More Multiverse has raised $17.5 million at the close of a Series A funding round, aiming to support its upcoming 2D RPG-inspired digital tabletop platform One More Multiverse.

The hefty chunk of change comes as the free-to-play platform nears its planned Q3 2021 release, and sees Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Crunchyroll co-founder Kung Gao, and Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell sign on as investors, alongside several others.

This latest round follows a smaller pre-seed round from back in early 2020 and brings the company's lifetime raised to $17.7 million.

While other digital tabletop tools like Roll 20 or Tabletop Simulator aim to emulate the in-person TTRPG experience online, the team behind One More Multiverse pitch their platform as a tabletop experience enriched by elements more often found in video games.

Users are able to build out their own tabletop role-playing games within the platform, either according to their own rules or by following the structures of established systems like Dungeons & Dragons or FATE, and use tools within One More Multiverse to design worlds, create characters, and run games remotely with other players.

Though free-to-play, it echos other user-generated content platforms by offering a digital marketplace where creators can design assets and sell those to players through the platform for use in their own One More Multiverse games.

"We want to expand the TTRPG experience with all the possibilities only digital gameplay can offer," reads a blurb from the Multiverse team. "We also have a unique and ambitious vision for our Marketplace. Our main goal is to grow the number the people playing TTRPG's, because we know that will enable more creators — game designers, artists, writers, GM's, storytellers — to make a living in our industry. So we spend just as much time thinking about creator tools as the player experience!"

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