Multiple Borderlands 3 developers depart Gearbox for indier pastures

Several now-former Gearbox developers are getting in on one of the biggest trends of the 2020s: quitting triple-A to go indie.

Multiple devs have quietly departed Borderlands developer Gearbox to instead start anew as indie developers. Axios reports that each severed in senior roles on Borderlands 3, and many have been with Gearbox for several years prior to this fresh departure.

Those departures include three developers that have been at the studio for over a decade--Christopher Brock, Keith Schuler, and Scott Kester--as well as Paul Sage, Chris Strasz, and Kevin Penrod. In a statement to Axios, founder Randy Pitchford adds that the departure was on "the best of terms" and "will cause minimal disruption in our current plans."

Interestingly, all were involved with a yet-unannounced project in the early stages of development at Gearbox and, reportedly, some members of that team are excited for what has now become an opportunity for newer blood to take charge of that project and make a mark at the studio. Each developer also worked on Gearbox's latest flagship release, Borderlands 3, in some regard, and followed the studio through its $1.38 billion acquisition at the hands of Embracer Group just this April.

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