More GameCube Re-Releases Revealed For Wii

Nintendo has confirmed Chibi-Robo!, Mario Power Tennis and Metroid Prime will be among the first set of GameCube titles re-released for the Wii in Japan -- with Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat the first to debut.
GameCube titles such as Chibi-Robo!, Mario Power Tennis and Metroid Prime are also to be re-released for the Wii, according to new information from Nintendo. The previously-confirmed Pikmin will be released on December 25th, and now Chibi-Robo!, Pikmin 2, Mario Power Tennis, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes join the lineup due in 2009. According to a report from consumer website IGN, the new "Wii de Asobu Selection," will debut with the critically acclaimed Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat on December 11th in Japan. The game was originally sold and controlled with a pair of bongo controllers, but there has been no suggestion so far that these will also be re-released. Rumors suggest that the two Metroid titles will feature an optional control scheme similar to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, although this has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo. The company has, however, indicated that the announcement at E3 of a new Pikmin title for the Wii referred to a wholly new sequel and not the re-releases. So far no third-party titles have been announced among the re-releases, and it is unclear whether Nintendo intends to retain the collection only for first party titles -- or whether it will be treated more in the manner of other budget re-release labels, such as Player’s Choice. Western release dates and prices are yet to be confirmed but the games are to be sold at a budget price in Japan of ¥3,800 ($36) - ¥2,000 ($19) less than other new Wii titles.

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