Modio raises $4 million to grow its cross-platform modding service

It's the second sizable sum the company has raked in this year, following $1 million in seed funding raised back in March.

Cross-platform modding service has raised $4 million in funding, money it plans to use to both simplify its mod support capabilities and to build more advanced features surrounding metrics, moderation, persistence, branded integration, and creator economies into the toolset.

This marks the second sizable sum the company has raised this year, following after the $1 million in seed funding raised back in March 2020.

This time around, the round was led by Sequoia Capital India's Surge and Makers Fund, along with participation from Play Ventures, Gametech Ventures, and Machinefloor.

"[User generated content] has the potential to become the next big thing in the gaming industry,” reads a statement from co-founder Scott Reismanis. “But it needs to be accessible, cross-platform, and safe, with detailed metrics, creator events, and marketplaces attached. We’re here to push the boundaries with UGC, and enable game developers to do the same.”

The platform got its start last year and somewhat follows in the footsteps of Reismanis' long-running mod-hosting site ModDB. Currently, supports 50 games across 11 storefronts, with console support expected to launch in the coming months.

"We foresee that mods will be a staple on every platform and elevated to the position of a key game feature. It’s still early days for UGC, so it’s a matter of giving creators the tools they need to innovate and succeed,” continues Reismanis.

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