Microsoft’s Greenberg: 'We’ll Outsell The PS3 This Holiday Season'

Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg has predicted that Microsoft's console will outsell the PS3 in both North America and Japan this winter, indicating that the recent price cuts have seen the Arcade model in particular selling “exceptionally w
"We feel confident that we'll outsell the PS3 this holiday season in North America and in Europe," says says Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg in a new interview. "We'll do it on a global scale." Speaking to consumer blog Kotaku, Greenberg’s mood was buoyant following increased sales of the Xbox 360 in the U.S., Europe and even Japan. Following price drops that saw the Xbox 360 Arcade undercut the Wii, September proved to be the best month of sales for the console so far in the U.S. The Xbox 360 also outsold the PlayStation 3 for the whole of September in Japan, and by a factor of 2:1 in Europe. "We expect to continue our price advantage over the PlayStation 3 for a long time," said Greenberg. "We've seen lifts across all consoles, but the Arcade is doing exceptionally well." Greenberg also emphasized the attach rate of games to console for the Xbox 360, which stands at 8.1:1 – not including Xbox Live Arcade titles. According to Greenberg, this outpaced the ratio for the Wii by a factor of three, and the PlayStation 3 by a factor of two. (In fact, Gamasutra's new access to NPD data shows them to be 5.5 for the Wii and 5.3 for PlayStation 3.) Finally, asked how Microsoft was intending to ensure that Xbox Live does not suffer the same service problems as occurred last Christmas, Greenberg answered he felt it would hold up -- "Hopefully, very well... We've grown our team and our infrastructure over the past year."

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