Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 Price Drop In Canada

Following the announcement of price cuts for all models of the Xbox 360 console in the U.S., Microsoft has confirmed a similar series of cuts for Canada, with CA$100 off the price of the Premium model due to come into effect on August 8th.
Following the announcement of price cuts for all models of the Xbox 360 console in the U.S. yesterday, Microsoft officials have confirmed a similar series of cuts for Canada. The new prices will come into effect on August 8th, a few days before the release of Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL 08. The Premium Xbox 360 bundle, with a 20GB hard drive, will be sold at new price of CA$399.99 ($381), a drop of CA$100 ($95) on the current price. The Core system, with no hard drive, will also drop by CA$100 to a new price of CA$299.99 ($285). The Xbox 360 Elite, with a 120GB hard drive and HDMI port, will drop by only CA$50 ($48) to CA$499.99 ($476). The Halo 3 special edition version of the console, first unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 conference last month, will be priced at $449.99 ($428), featuring only a 20GB hard drive but also including the HDMI port of the Xbox 360 Elite and a Play and Charge Kit for the wireless controller. As before there is no indication that the price cuts will be repeated outside the Americas. However, the timing around Madden NFL 08 would have little impact in Europe, which does leave the possibility of a subsequent announcement later in the year as a distinct possibility.

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