Manhunt 2 - Review

Slowly and quietly get close to him, make sure that no one will hear you. Take the bag and put it over his head. Suffocate, if struggling breaks his neck. No, no, no, better yet - take the bat and hit him once in the spine or the back of the head. If he

Of course, nobody normal would do this in real life. But in the game is quite different.

 Except that in the “Manhunt” you had chances to see brutal killing in “Manhunt 2” saga continues, but from a bit of a different angle.

manhunt 2

  In the second part of " Manhunt " you play as a character who has been washed (not totally)his memory . Of course, the American government project whose goal is to make top killer that will work and eat from their hand. I said not quite, because as we are taking actions into the game - you will more and more play retrospective of which your character (Daniel) will be recalled. This had to be done from Rockstar because if they have not done it - you will get plagiarism from "Hitman".

 Daniel has some kind of amnesia, and he without the leadership of Leo could not escape the mental hospital, and any other obstacles that will appear in the game.

 Leo is your “following star" and shows you what to do and when. You did not see him in the game (he is just voice). Leo will help you to understand the game, so while playing you will have "flashbacks “of the past and  more and more you will  learn how did you manage to come to such a place, what works, etc..

manhunt 2 story

  I'm not a big fan of games where you have to follow the enemies and to kill quietly (i like old style arcade games). But then Manhunt 2 drew me with brutal murders that are as a "reward" for your long-term traction behind the victim. In the game you can kill as many ways as there are weapons x3. If you fail to choking, to remove the kidney, to faint your enemy or anything else, you can complete it through ordinary fight.

 Thanks to Rockstar Games, their system of fighting is fantastic (seen from GTA serials), and because the game is 2007 for consoles and 2009 for  PC, becomes a  transfer from San Andreas to GTA IV (in terms of fights). Even they have added elements when you need to press a certain button to perform the execution, surreptitiously with gnashing, wailing and lot of blood.

 Apart from killing there is also and a lot of hiding. It is the second most important feature of Manhunt 2.  Sneaking and hiding from enemies in this game will save you so much. Because you are all the time alone in the game, you must know how to avoid all bunches of bandits with washed brains and how to reach the goal.

Nasty boy

 If you enjoy games in which you want to sneak and hide, but now with options to kill your enemies one hundred and one way, and having to follow an interesting story - then yes this is the game just for you.

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