Japanese Hardware: DSi Still Strong As Xbox 360 Sales Double

The Nintendo DSi continues to sell strongly in its second week in Japan, although the real sales battle is still between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sony’s console saw sales halve this week, while Xbox 360 sales doubled over the previous week.
The Nintendo DSi has continued to sell strongly in its second week, with Japanese sales of 104,897, compared to 171,925 units on its debut. Combined sales with the older DS Lite model saw the platform’s total reach 113,278 – down 75,000 on the previous seven days. With a lack of prominent new software releases and a national holiday, most platforms saw a decrease in sales this week. The PSP fell by over 6,500 units to 43,726, with only the budget re-release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in the software top 10. For the second week running, the Wii had no titles in the top 10, but it nevertheless managed to buck the sales trend with an increase of over 1,500 units to 24,726. After a significant spike in sales last week, with the release of a number of new hardware bundles, the PlayStation 3 saw sales more than halve to 18,354 units. By comparison, the Xbox 360 saw sales double to 12,759 units, as its own new hardware bundles proved successful. Finally, in last place, the PlayStation 2 experienced a sales drop of just under 1,000 units to 5,743. Overall in the software top 50, there were 26 titles for the Nintendo DS, nine for the Wii, six for the PlayStation 2, four each for the PlayStation 3 and PSP, and one for the Xbox 360.

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