Inaba, Kamiya, Mikami Announce Seeds Studio

Former Clover Studio head Atsushi Inaba has formed a new company, Seeds, with the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, creating a major new Japanese studio whose employees’ previous experience also include Okami, Steel Battalion,
Former Clover Studio CEO Atsushi Inaba and a number of other prominent ex-Clover and Capcom staff have announced the formation of a new development studio in Japan named Seeds. Capcom announced the closure of the autonomous Clover Studio in October 2006, with the developer’s last projects being the PAL releases of Okami and God Hand this month. Although the studio had not produced any major hits it was praised for the high quality and originality of its products, which also included the Viewtiful Joe series. At the time Capcom indicated that all willing employees would be absorbed back into the company’s internal studios, although Inaba and others immediately indicated a desire to form their own business. A short statement on the company’s new website indicates that the studio is to be headed by Inaba, as well as Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami – although the latter’s exact involvement is unclear, since he is not included in a separate biography of five of the company’s most prominent employees. The site's initial message announces a recruitment drive for new staff but makes no indication of future projects, possible support for different formats or relationships with publishers.

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