Get a job: Question is hiring a Senior Gameplay Engineer

Question, the team behind The Magic Circle and The Blackout Club, is hiring a Senior Gameplay Engineer.

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Sr Gameplay Engineer - WFH, Question

When a game truly lights up your brain, it can feel like magic. Deep down, though - you know better. The reason is that it makes sense, top to bottom. The rules, the themes, and the player’s power to interpret and express themselves -  are all organized towards the same purpose. The team responsible took the time to plan it, test it, and refine it - each discipline helping to empower the other. Watching over that crucial intersection - between careful planning and open-minded, feel-driven iteration … is you.

Question is seeking a senior master generalist gameplay engineer with Unreal Engine experience for a full time position to round out our team with ownership over various gameplay systems. Your exact role within the studio will be a function of your existing expertise as well as areas of interest that align with your career goals as we enter the next exciting phase of the studio’s existence.

You would be working remotely from home with competitive salaries and benefits for U.S. residents with a distributed team made up of ex-AAA developers whose past team credits include: Thief: Deadly Shadows, BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, Dishonored, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and South Park: Fractured But Whole. We draw on a long history of games with strong central narratives & diverse player-enabling systems with the goal of attempting to create new experiences in the same vein, but on a smaller scale.


  • Implement new features
  • Support old features
  • Create and maintain documentation for others affected by your work
  • Shepherd usage of your output by artists and designers as often as needed via existing samples and hands on screen-sharing sessions
  • Make adjustments as necessary from feedback and iteration
  • Participate in group QA sessions and other project-relevant studio activities
  • Write documentation for the maintenance and upkeep of your systems



  • Shipped at least one action game with Unreal Engine as an engineer on the C++ side of development
  • Nice to have: Multiplayer game development experience


  • NOTE: This is a WORK-FROM-HOME position - you will not need to live in the same location as our HQ.
  • Must live within U.S. time zones from Pacific to Eastern time - We want office hours to overlap
  • Due to logistics issues, we can only offer benefits to U.S. residents.


  • A mind for good architecture that caters to human factors and minimizes technical debt… specifically in the context of Unreal Engine 4
  • Able to use or modify existing code instead of writing redundant new systems
  • Understands gameplay
  • Self driven quality standards:
    • Proactive about tackling perceived problems instead of waiting to be told
    • Able to write bug reports and feature requests for yourself
    • Reaching out to team members as needed
    • Being the first to test your own output instead of relying on others to be your first pass QA


  • Computer Science degree or equivalent experience
  • Expert in C++
  • Ability to learn any programming language as needed
  • Memory management - References and pointers vs. copy
  • Data structures, design patterns, and algorithms
  • Understanding and/or ability to learn replication tactics and multiplayer development patterns


  • Systems design: Able to synthesize algorithms based on feature specifications AND teach that algorithm through writing and verbal discussions
  • Able to speak in terms of Big O notation and algorithmic complexity
  • 3D Math: Understand common uses of dot product, cross product, normalized vectors, sine, cosine, and space transformations in the context of gameplay programming
  • Physics: Understand kinematic equations. Be able to code with minimal raycasts.
  • Optimizations: Able to learn and employ optimization techniques as needed

Working at Question

Our goal, as a studio, is to be able to make games with people that like each other and will grow together as a team that gets stronger with each project.

Part of this is hiring the right people that can sustain a studio in this highly competitive market, and the other part is keeping these skilled employees happy with competitive salaries and benefits within an environment that nurtures autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

We are remotely distributed across North America, with our official headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area.

Interested? Apply now.

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