GameFly Rental Chart Highlights: Week Ending September 26

This week's GameFly video game rental charts for North America, specifically relating to games rented via the games-by-mail service for the week ending September 26th, sh...
This week's GameFly video game rental charts for North America, specifically relating to games rented via the games-by-mail service for the week ending September 26th, show popularity over multiple game formats. Once again on the all-platform chart this week, Burnout Revenge has left a pile-up of all the other games in a smoking heap by the side of the road to achieve #1 rental status. The victory is all the more surprising considering that EA's road rage sim beat out two debuting multiplatform titles -- is Burnout just that strong, or did the two newcomers not have what it takes? In either event, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks is #2, and X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse is #3. Once again, the Xbox-only charts is a case of follow-the-leader with respect to the all-format charts; the same Burnout Revenge, Shaolin Monks, and X-Men Legends 2 all made appearances in the same order on Microsoft's system. On the PlayStation 2, Mortal Kombat actually eked out an edge, placing it at #1, with Burnout Revenge at #2 and X-Men Legends 2 on #3. Sadly, not quite enough people gave love to We Love Katamari to boost it out of the top 3, and it had to sit tight at #4. Of course, none of the above applies to the GameCube, which has its own platform-specific titles to dominate its own platform-specific rental charts. Making a splash with its debut this week was Battalion Wars, another example of a third-party developed entry in a Nintendo franchise that surprised the naysayers. After that was Mario Superstar Baseball at #2, and WWE Day of Reckoning in third place. The Game Boy Advance chart, recently setting records for the most time without a single movement in the top three, yawned and scratched its stomach this week, resulting in Zelda: The Minish Cap switching places with Pokémon Emerald to become #2 and #3, respectively. Dragon Ball GT: Transformation remains king at #1; not even the release of Donkey Kong: King of Swing last week could spur the GBA charts into significant action. Madden NFL 06 for PSP debuted a little later than its console brethren, but still deftly swept the PSP charts when it did arrive last week, arriving in style at #1. Burnout Legends is down to #2, and the surprising World Series of Poker is in at #3. Over on the DS, Advance Wars: Dual Strike is still fending off the Nintendogs with a tactical rolled-up newspaper: the specific breeds behind its #1 position are Lab & Friends at #2 and Chihuahua & Friends at #3.

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