Gamecock Spawns Upshot Games Casual Label

Gamecock Media Group (Dementium: The Ward, Legendary) has established a casual games division called Upshot Games -- and the new label's first title, American Pool Deluxe, will debut for the Wii on November 18th.
Gamecock Media Group (Dementium: The Ward, Legendary)has established a casual games label called Upshot Games as another division of the independent publisher, which is itself a label of the G.O.D.-aping parent company 'Gone Off Deep Ltd.' According to the official website, Upshot is currently seeking "opportunities to reach mainstream audiences ... on all gaming platforms worldwide." The studio's casual direction complements Gamecock's brand, whose original IP releases arguably lean towards the core gamer demographic. With this setup, titles that might not fit with Gamecock's lineup could possibly fall under Upshot's management and label instead. The new label's first game, American Pool Deluxe, will debut for the Wii on November 18th. APD makes use of the Wii Remote's accelerometer for its controls, offering various game types, such as 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker. The game includes head-to-head multiplayer, four-person multiplayer, trick-shoot challenges, and a tournament mode, with which players can face off against pool champions around the world. Three commentators analyze the games as players walk around the pool table and plan their shots. Upshot also intends to release a RealMotion Pool Cue companion accessory for American Pool Deluxe. The peripheral is designed specifically to take advantage of the Wii Remote's accelerometer technology.

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