GameCareerGuide: NGP Challenge Ends As Pokemon Challenge Begins

In education-focused sister site GameCareerGuide's latest finished challenge, readers designed games for Sony's new NGP -- and are next asked to design an original Pokemon spinoff.
Over at education-focused sister site GameCareerGuide, the latest finished challenge had readers design games for Sony's upcoming Next Generation Portable, and the next one asks them to design an original Pokemon spinoff. Game Design Challenge: NGP The most recent completed Game Design Challenge tasked readers with designing a game for Sony's NGP, which had been revealed to the public the day the challenge itself commenced. GCG asked, "What kind of game would you make for this system? In its latest Game Design Challenge, Game Career Guide challenged its readers to design a game for the NGP that could not have been done on the current PSP." The three best entries were delivered by: John Choi, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, Basement of Bones Ben Toepke, Ultimate Disc Golf Stephen Miller, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, Flagship You can read these full entries, and five honorable mentions, by visiting the results page at GameCareerGuide. Game Design Challenge: Poke-Spinoff Meanwhile, in GCG's latest Game Design Challenge, which launched today, readers are tasked with designing a spinoff game for the Pokemon series, which has seen many games unrelated to the main franchise entries -- such as Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Dash. The latest challenge asks readers to design one. The challenge will accept entries through Wednesday, March 2 and is open to all. Full details on how to enter are posted at GameCareerGuide.

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