Future UK Launches 'On-Console' PS3 Magazine

UK media company Future is to create an “on-console” weekly digital magazine for the PS3, to be distributed exclusively via the PlayStation Network. Similar in concept to Qore in the U.S., the service is due early 2009 and later across Europe.
UK media company Future is to create an “on-console”, weekly digital magazine for the PlayStation 3, to be distributed exclusively via the PlayStation Network. The concept appears similar to Sony America’s monthly multimedia bundle Qore, which is produced by Future’s North American division. The European service plans to offer interactive editorial content on a weekly basis, including news, reviews, features and downloadable content on games, movies and other topics. Future and Sony Computer Entertainment UK also intend to work with third parties to incorporate exclusive content only available to subscribers. The service will be available in the UK in early 2009; roll-outs in other European countries are expected to arrive later. "As PlayStation 3 moves the gaming experience to a more social and competitive online environment, so the natural development in line with our consumers’ choice of media is to produce a companion publication in the digital realm,” said Ray Maguire, senior vice president and managing director of SCE UK. “We are very excited to further strengthen our relationship with Sony, working together on this ground-breaking product," commented Robert Price, Future’s UK CEO. "As the publisher of Official magazines and digital content for Sony PlayStation in the US and UK, we are creating powerful integrated media solutions for readers and advertisers across different platforms, in print and online.” “This product will provide a unique way for advertisers to connect directly with gamers through their consoles using the very latest high definition content,” he added.

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