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Fourteen Amazing Kickstarter Projects

There are some amazing kickstarter projects ready to be released and some not far from it. I'll be talking about 14 kickstarter games I'm excited about.

These are the kickstarter projects I'm really excited for and I thought I'd share them here because not everyone might be aware they exist. 

Here's the quick list if you don't feel like reading:
1. Shovel Knight
2. Hyper Light Drifter
3. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
4. Mighty N.9
5. Paradise Lost: First Contact
6. Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians
7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
8. Project Phoenix
9. A Hat in Time
10. Massive Chalice

1. Cryamore
2. Shadow of the Eternals
3. Hearth Forth Alicia
4. Anima Gate of Memories


Shovel Knight was one of the first kickstarter games to get my attention. Though I was not a fan of the original 8bit Megaman, I am always very excited about 2D side scrolling action.

I'm hoping for a tough but fair game close to likes of Dark Souls but far from the 8 bit games mad difficulty.

Release Date: 2014 (Currently Submited waiting for approval)
Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/WiiU/3DS


Hyper Light Drifter caught my attention with it's slick pixel art style. The gameplay shows a very fast paced and tight combat on the likes of modern 3D ones like Bayonetta and DmC.

I'm hoping for a fast paced action packed Zelda like with beatiful art and a touching but sad story.

Release Date: 2014
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/Wii U/PS4/Vita/OUYA


I have to admit I've never quite heard about this series until Shantae: Half-Genie Hero got my attention. The art style looks amazing and I can't say no for 2D plataforming, can I?

I'm hoping for a fun and challenging platformer with beautiful game design by the amazing Way Forward. 

Release Data: TBA
Platforms: Windows/Wii U/ PS3/PS4/VITA/VITA TV/ X360/XBONE


Is it necessary to explain Mighty N.9? The Holy Grail of all the kickstarter projects. Never In my life I'd imagine Keiji Inafune bringing a project like this. Enough fanboyism right? The game follows on the footsteps of the classic Megaman series with modern design added to it.

I'm hoping for a modern 2D Megaman game everyone wants and Capcom doesn't want to make. Expect tough bosses, even tougher levels and a silly story with characters you'll like for a long time.

Release Date: 2015
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/Wii U/3DS/PS3/PS4/VITA/X360/XBONE


Paradise Lost: First Contact has a pixel art style that called my attention at first but not really blew me away. Now the gameplay I found it really interesting. At first it looked something Metroid like but then it showed some stealth options like using decoys and going through events to avoid contact.

I'm hoping for something unexpected and well designed. From the looks of it seems to have some sort of stealth elements added to it and I hope they keep on this path.

Release Date: December 2014  
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/Wii U/OUYA


Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians that I feel a bit hyped about without much reason really. They do have Yasumi Matsuda (FF Tactics, Vagrant Story) on board which leavers the game to a whole new level but my main problem with this one is that they don't don't show any gameplay. So all we know is that is a very promising tactics RPG but on paper so far.

I'm hoping for a top action tactics game on the vain of FF Tactics but with a fresh story and new concepts that will expand the genre.

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/Windows Tablets


Kingdom Come: Deliverance aims to be one of the most epic RPGs ever made. Different the most RPGs available the are looking into making a historically authentic medieval world. 

I'm hoping for an epic open world RPG with lots of customization. Though I'm not that into 300 hours of walking around a fully vibrant open world I'm vouching for this game and I hope it does well among the many RPGs around.

Release Date: Q4,  2015 on PC, Mac and Linux
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/XBONE/PS4


Project Phoenix like Unsung Story looks very promising on paper but not quite sure how it will work. Their premise is to blend the JRPG genre with RTS squad based gameplay. The team is a mix of Japanese and American developers and will have music by the legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu.

I'm hoping for a game rooted in a very strong narrative with solid strategic gameplay. 

Release Date: TBA
Plataforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/PS4/VITA/ iOS/Android


A Hat in Time is a platformer that caught everyone's attention for it's cute art style and Mario 64 like gameplay. Art wise it looks better everytime I see it but later gameplay videos still feel a bit stiff and not as robust as Mario 64. 

I'm hoping for a fun and silly 3D platformer with tough puzzles and a quirky story.

Release Date: TBA
Consoles: Windows/Mac/Wii U (Maybe)


Massive Chalice is a tactical RPGs by the guys at Double Fine. It's hard to find a bad Double Fine game so since I'm also a sucker for tactical games I'm totally excited for this.

I'm hoping for a game in veins of XCOM with a medieval fantasy setting with great writing.

Release Date: TBA
Consoles: Windows/Mac/Linux

Well now there you go. Ten amazing kickstarter projects for you to keep an eye out. What? That wasn't enough you say? You already knew all of these games? Well WHAT DO YOU KNOW? TIME FOR THE B-B-B-BONUS ROUND!!


Cryamore is an action adventure game with RPG elements. It seems like a mix of Zelda and Secret of Mana which leads to something similar to now well know Bastion. The game looks interesting but I'm not quite convinced about it until I see some gameplay.

Release Date: 2014
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/OUYA/iOS/PS3/X360/Wii U


Shadow of the Eternals is a psychological horror game and the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. The game looked very promising with gorgeous 3D models and environments but it's very unfortunate that it didn't meet it's goal. The main issue is that they set their goal way too high.

Didn't meet the kickstarter goal

Heart Forth Alicia is another metroidvania like game on this list. It has beautiful pixel art with some amazing exploration and combat added to it.

I'm hoping for a good metroidvania with satisfying exploration without too much backtracking.

Release Date: 2014
Plataforms: Windows/Linux/Wii U/PS4/VITA/3DS

Anima Gate of Memories is a bit too ambitious for a indie project. I always think 3D indie games are, really, but from the looks of it this is game will be an action title to the likes of DmC, GoW and Bayonetta. I wanna have faith in this but gameplay wise it looks like it needs a bit of work.

I'm hoping for a decent action game without breaking much ground.

Release Date: 2014
Plataforms: Windows, Mac, and LINUX. With next gen consoles in mind

Keep in mind that all projects shown here are targeting PCs. Steam has really brought PC gaming back to the top. Also a fun thing to notice is that from the 14 projects shown here nine of them are also being released for the Wii U. I think that it's because of the low competition there or is Nintendo really facilitating things?

So there it goes. Thirteen (sorry Shadow of the Eternals) projects to keep an eye out. Some of them are very close to release like Shovel Knight, A Hat In Time and Anima Gate of Memories. So definitely keep a look out for them on Steam and consoles. 


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