Focus Home Interactive boasts record year as it continues to 'accelerate its transformation'

Focus Home Interactive has closed out its 2020/21 fiscal year, boasting a strong increase in profitability alongside record results for the 12 month period ending March 31, 2021.

"Our group has undergone a profound transformation[...]We now have a more adapted organization and resources to accelerate our development."

- Management board chairman Christophe Nobileau comments on Focus Home Interactive's renewed focus.

Focus Home Interactive has closed out its 2020/21 fiscal year, boasting a strong increase in profitability alongside record results for the 12 month period ending March 31, 2021.

It, like many other companies during this particularly trying year, saw an increase in both revenue and profit compared to the year prior, though in Focus Home's case much of that growth was driven by deliberate moves made to accelerate its growth.

One of those growth accelerators included last year's acquisition of Deck13, which Focus Home now says generated 1.6 million (~$1.9 million) on its own. Revenue for the company as a whole came in at 171 million (~$204.1 million) for the year, up 20 percent from the year prior. The overwhelming majority of that revenue, 89 percent, came from digital sources.

Operating profit is likewise up year-over-year, coming in at 24.8 million (~$29.6 million), up 29 percent from 19.2 million (~$22.9 million) the year prior.

One interesting theme present throughout Focus Home Interactive's end-of-year report is its renewed focus on growth. A statement within from management board chairman Christophe Nobileau praises Focus Home Interactive for a "profound transformation" to a more adaptive structure, and elsewhere in the document Focus Home Interactive itself details how this last year has seen it "structured [into] an organization capable of absorbing strong growth in the years to come."

The company highlights this renewed direction by noting a number of strategic hires and appointments it made during fiscal 2020/21, and adds that its confidence is demonstrated by an in-the-works plan "allowing each of its employees to become a shareholder in the Group."

Though now only a few months into its 2021/22, that same attitude seems to be present in the current fiscal year through more recent events like last month's 70.35 million (~$84 million) capital increase and its April acquisition of Space Hulk: Deathwing developer Streum On Studio.

Moving forward, Focus Home Interactive notes the rest of the 2021/22 year is filled with "numerous releases and ambitious new partnerships." Because of that, the company expects to generate between 150 million to 200 million (~$179 million to $238.7 million) in revenue for the current year and notes that it is "actively pursuing its organization and structuring work, as wells as its strategies for external growth and upgrading its games."

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