Electronic Arts' subscription service EA Play is live on Steam

EA and Valve's partnership to bring the EA-flavored subscription game library and discount program has finally come to fruition.

Electronic Arts’ subscription service EA Play has officially launched on Steam, bringing the program to its first non-EA-owned storefront on PC.

EA Play, previously known as either EA Access or Origin Access depending on the platform, is EA’s own take a the subscription game library that also grants early access or discounts to some EA-published games as well.
The recently rebranded service has been on PC for a while through EA’s own Origin platform, but agreements between Valve and EA only recently have helped move both the service and a slew of EA games previously missing from Steam to Valve’s digital game storefront.

Players can subscribe to EA Play from right within Steam, either annually or monthly, through the same process they’d normally go through to buy any game or digital product on the platform. An active subscription grants them on-demand access to whatever EA games are featured in the EA Play library, 10 percent off of EA purchases through Steam, and some in-game content.

This marks EA Play’s fourth home following its earlier Origin, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One launches, but it’s worth calling out that the service itself is platform specific and as such a separate subscription is needed for each of those individual platforms.

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