EA tweaks Star Wars Battlefront II's loot box drops following beta feedback

Following a short open beta earlier this month, EA has altered how the game's loot box system works in-game to “help keep everyone on a level playing field.”

Following a short open beta held earlier this month, EA has announced that it is slightly reworking Star Wars Battlefront II’s ‘crate’ loot box system to “help keep everyone on a level playing field” in the game’s online multiplayer mode.

Star Wars Battlefront II’s loot boxes contain both cosmetic items and gameplay-altering gear like new abilities and weapons, an inclusion that has been met with some pushback from players.

The alteration EA is now making to that ‘crate’ system doesn’t remove said gear, but rather tweaks how drops work and locks some crate drops behind in-game progression requirements.

Those decisions include removing ‘epic’ ability-granting Star Cards from (non-preorder or special edition) boxes, instead opting to make the high tier drops available primarily through crafting and then gating the crafting system itself behind in-game milestones. 

Additionally, some weapons found in loot boxes aren’t able to be used right away and will instead require players to spend some time playing as that class of character before being able to use their crate-given weapons. Full notes on the changes that will launch alongside the game next month can be found on EA’s blog

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