E3: LucasArts Hints At Wii Lightsaber Game Interest

During an extended technical demonstration for a new, unnamed Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Star Wars title LucasArts staff have indicated to Gamasutra the company's interest in creating a Wii lightsaber game.
During an extended technical demonstration for a new, unnamed Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Star Wars title, LucasArts staff have confirmed to Gamasutra the company's intense interest in creating a Wii lightsaber game, if not yet its explicity existence. The X360/PS3 demonstration, named 'Force Powers Pre-Vis', featured a CGI trailer showing various Jedi defeating stormtroopers in a variety of imaginative and amusing ways. The second part of the demonstration was in real-time on the Xbox 360, and showed the console simulating a number of real-world materials such as wood, stone, crystal, ice, bone and the Star Wars metal "carbonite" using Pixelux Entertainment's Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) technology. The DMM system was being used in conjunction with NaturalMotion's euphoria technology in both the new Star Wars game and LucasArts's forthcoming new Indiana Jones game. At the end of the demonstration, Gamasutra inquired as to whether the company planned on creating a lightsaber game for the Wii, after many commented on he suitability of the system to the concept - especially after an internal speaker was revealed in the controller being used to demo the concept. This question produced a number of knowing smiles around the room from LucasArts employees, followed by the comments: "We know" and "We are looking into it", as possible concepts for the game were discussed. However, the firm has not yet made any official announcements regarding planned Wii titles.

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