Details surrounding new Xbox One hardware begin to emerge

Unconfirmed online reports have revealed new images and detail for the rumored smaller Xbox One hardware.

Unconfirmed online reports via online forum Neogaf have revealed new images and detail for the rumored smaller Xbox One hardware.

While Microsoft has yet to confirm validity of the image, credible reports have circulated in the weeks prior to E3 2016 saying that Microsoft would be revealing new, smaller Xbox One hardware this week in L.A.

The new image emerges as major console makers Microsoft and Sony begin exploring a new model for console hardware upgrades that go beyond cosmetic makeovers – a fundamental shift in the way today’s dedicated game console market operates.

An alleged pre-order screen describes the new hardware as “the new Xbox One S, featuring a 40 percent smaller console, a 2TB hard drive, 4K ultra HD video, High Dynamic Range, a streamlined controller, and vertical stand.”

Microsoft’s E3 press briefing takes place Monday morning.

In May, reports emerged that Microsoft's hardware plans include releasing a more affordable Xbox One this year (presumably the ‘Xbox One S’) and a more powerful version of the console next year.

Sony also confirmed that it would be launching a new more powerful PlayStation 4 – hardware that reportedly will not be present at E3 this year.

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