Crytek is bringing a Battle Royale mode to its free-to-play game Warface

Crytek is the next developer to introduce a Battle Royale game mode into the mix.

Crytek is the next developer to introduce Battle Royale into its game thanks to the upcoming addition of a battle royale mode into its free-to-play first-person shooter Warface

Developers have no doubt noticed the rising popularity of Battle Royale as a standalone game genre, and more and more are finding ways to bring their own take on the trend to life. 

Battle Royale game modes themselves have seen a sudden jump in interest ever since Bluehole launched its Early Access title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC earlier this year. Battlegrounds quickly raked up both sales and concurrent players and now holds the record for most concurrent peak players on Steam with over 2 million players (and counting).

Other developers have since thrown their hats into the Battle Royale ring and, in the case of Epic Games' Fortnite, have also done so with some success. 

For Warface, the new Battle Royale mode is labeled an 'experimental PvP game mode' and, at least for now, looks to be a limited addition coming in the game's next update. Like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Warface's Battle Royale will drop its players into a large open map with a slowly shirking 'safe-zone' marking the play area.

Crytek says the mode itself is somewhat of an open-test in this first form; it'll only be available for a limited time but will return in the future after the developer can chew through player feedback and fine-tune the game mode.

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