Creating the Ultimate Gaming Setup

Looking at how a proper gaming setup can enhance gameplay.

I like many others love spending hours in my gaming room, letting the time fly by as I immerse myself in the virtual world of Skyrim or The Witcher. But it didn’t always used to be like this. There was a time when spending hours gaming left me with a backache, hungry and dehydrated, sleepy and irritable. I had not discovered the magical ways of the gaming room. Now I have, and it’s a haven where I can escape to at any time of night or day – in total comfort. Here’s how I created the ultimate gaming setup.

Keeping Comfy

The number one concern I had to start with was sitting comfortably. If I had an uncomfortable chair, I was never going to be able to sit for long. Not only that, but there’s also the risk of backache from leaning forward all the time. That’s why I had to invest in a gaming chair. It might sound like a gimmick, but it actually works wonders. My chair is comfortable, flexible as I move, and set at the perfect angle for my screen. Whenever I go to a friend’s house now and have to sit on the couch things just aren’t the same!

Looking Great

Talking of the screen, of course I had to invest. Although a 4k display sounds good, consoles won’t benefit from them yet so don’t waste your money, a 1080p HD will do nicely. You also want to make sure that the hertz rating is high so the screen can keep up with the high FPS games. For when I have a group of friends over and were playing multiplayer, no TV is big enough that doesn’t cost unsightly amounts. So I also have a projector set up for these occasions which gives a great view for all players. There are lots of brands available, but I personally went with a Sony model for peace of mind. It’s also great for movies, just make sure you go for one that has a high lumens count so the picture is nice and bright.

Hearing it All

Sound is so important – especially when I have to communicate with other players. For this it’s worth investing in a decent headset that is reliable. I’ve tried Bluetooth headsets and when they randomly disconnect during a game it can be devastating for you and your team so I’d recommend going for a wired option.

For when I don’t need to communicate a surround sound system is well worth it. When playing alone the sound can really immerse you into the game. Although I must admit I’ve been playing Dying Light before and when a Zombie comes screaming out of nowhere it can give you freight!

Staying Well

A long gaming session means you have to be ready for almost any eventuality. The final accessories I needed for my gaming room were therefore obvious: a mini fridge and drinks cabinet, so that I can always reach for the refreshments when I need them! I keep it well stocked with snacks and drinks, ready to last the night. Breaks? Who needs them? Well, alright – except for the bathroom. But then that’s the one thing I had to draw the line at putting in my gaming room!

The best thing about a setup like this is that you don’t need a whole separate room for it. If you have to use existing space in the lounge, it can function in multiple ways. A gaming chair is also an armchair. The projector can show high quality films. And that surround sound takes your air guitar to the next level.

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