Check out this lineup of cool interactive spaces at GDC 2017!

GDC 2017 is next week in San Francisco! While you're planning out what to see and do, organizers want to make sure you set some time aside to check out these great interactive spaces at GDC this year.

The 2017 Game Developers Conference is happening next week! With that in mind, show organizers want to give you the lowdown on all the cool interactive spaces and exhibits attendees will have access to during the event.

Encompassing everything from Train Jam game jam prototypes to a smorgasbord of tabletop games and the world's leading lineup of alternative controller games, the interactive spaces at GDC are designed to introduce you to a nice slice of the most interesting work being done by game makers across the industry. 

So while you're planning out your GDC 2017 session schedule in the Schedule Builder, don't forget to set some time aside to check out the variety of lounges, exhibits, and other events that will be happening across the Moscone Center throughout the week.

Here's the big lineup of interactive spaces to check out at GDC 2017!

  • alt.ctrl.GDCThe perenially popular alt.ctrl.GDC showcase of alternative controller games returns to GDC for the fourth year running, bringing with it a great lineup of games played with unique, offbeat controllers that attendees can check out for themselves on the show floor.
  • Art Boss - The Game Developers Conference is partnering with creative production company iam8bit to present the first annual Art Boss, a new art showcase taking place during GDC 2017! Art Boss aims to be the definitive annual showcase for artists working in the games industry and highlights all forms of artwork created during the production of a game, from concept to release.
  • Day of the Devs - Last year's on-site GDC edition of Day of the Devs was so nice, we're doing it twice! GDC 2017 will once again host the indie video game showcase from Double Fine and long-time GDC collaborators, iam8bit. The curated selection of games will be announced in the near future and will include a wide range of intriguing, innovative & smart titles from some of the industry's leading creators - and some surprises, too.
  • GDC Movie Night - In the spirit of great video game mysteries, the 2017 Game Developers Conference is kicking off its inaugural Movie Nights with two evening showings for GDC passholders that delve into the unknown: Clue! and The Game. Screenings of both films are open to all GDC passholders at no additional cost, and free popcorn will be provided!
  • GDC Retro Play - Don't miss this brand new area at GDC 2017 in San Francisco that specifically concentrates on showcasing retro consoles, computers, games and related memorabilia.
  • Indie MEGABOOTHThe Indie MEGABOOTH Showcase, an approachable GDC show floor exhibit of hand-picked indie games, returns for GDC 2017. As always, The MEGABOOTH exists to support indie developers and help pool their resources to enable them to showcase their work to the public and their peers.
  • Mild RumpusAmid the hustle and bustle of your GDC experience, take a moment to relax and enjoy Mild Rumpus, a space for you to check out beautifully soothing indie videogames in comfort approaching that of your own living room. 
  • One Life LeftGDC continues its long-running partnership with One Life Left, Britain's premier video game radio show! The charming hosts of One Life Left will be broadcasting from the GDC show floor, joined by Gamasutra staff, throughout the week alongside a rotating posse of super-special guests.
  • Shut Up & Sit Down - This tabletop game exhibit, curated by the keen minds behind board game enthusiast hub Shut Up & Sit Down, returns once again to offer GDC attendees a comfortable space to relax and play some of the best card and board games around.
  • Train JamGDC officials are proud to continue to support the efforts of those taking part in the fourth annual Train Jam (which typically takes place on a train between Chicago and San Francisco the week prior to GDC, aka this week!) by providing a dedicated space at the show where organizers will be displaying select games made during the jam.

These events and more should offer attendees plenty of stuff to stop and check out between sessions. If you haven't already, there's still time to register for passes ahead of the show, which will take place February 27th - March 3rd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

For more information on GDC 2017, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

Gamasutra and GDC are sibling organizations under parent UBM Americas.

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