Bizarre Creations On Why Its Acquirer Wasn't Microsoft

Bizarre Creations business developer Sarah Chudley has been discussing the company’s surprise acquisition by Activision last year, commenting on why the developer was not instead acquired by Project Gotham Racing publisher Microsoft Game Studios.
Why was Activision the one to acquire Bizarre Creations in an acquisition last year, rather than Project Gotham Racing publisher Microsoft Game Studios? At the Develop 2008 conference, Bizarre's business developer Sarah Chudley said that the move was a surprise even to her. “We weren’t up for sale. We absolutely weren’t up for sale," she told consumer website Videogaming247. "It wasn’t a case of, ‘Let’s go and pitch and sell ourselves,’” she said. Co-hosting a session named “Why We Sold Our Studio; And Why We Didn't”, Chudley also said that it just might not have been the right timing Microsoft, widely seen as the most likely suitor for the company. “Obviously as the publisher they had to know what was going on, but their internal structure probably wasn’t in the right place to buy things at the time.” “And they’re a single format. OK, Xbox is doing fantastically, but who knows what’s going to happen in the future?,” she added. “Multi-platform is the only way.”

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