Baseball Sim Success For Konami In Japanese Charts

Konami’s Power Pro series of cartoon-styled baseball sims has hit a home run in the latest weekly Japanese sales charts, with the PS2 version at number one and the Wii version at number three - in a top thirty without a single PSP, 360 or PS3 game.
Konami’s evergreen Power Pro series of cartoon styled baseball simulations has hit a home run in the latest weekly Japanese sales charts, with the fourteenth version in the core series debuting at number one for the PlayStation 2, with 153,000 units sold. What is especially notable is the success of the Wii version at number three, with the game enjoying greater success than on any Nintendo home console since the SNES, with 48,000 units sold. The other two new entries of the week are both for the Nintendo DS, with Sega’s latest entry in the Mushi-King series appearing at number six with 33,000 units sold. Originally an arcade game, the series uses Pokemon style collectible cards featuring various species of beetle. The fourth new entry of the week, at number nine, is the latest use of the Naruto manga and anime license from Takara-Tomy, with 28,000 units sold. In all there are twenty-two Nintendo DS titles in the top thirty this week, with five Wii games (all but one in the top ten) and three PlayStation 2 titles. There are no PSP, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 titles in the whole top thirty.
TWLWTitlePublisherFormatWeekly Sales
1NEJikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 14KonamiPS2153,000
21Dragon Quest Swords: Kamen no Joou to Kagami no TouSquare EnixWii53,000
3NEJikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu WiiKonamiWii48,000
42Zelda no Densetsu: Mugen no SunadokeiNintendoDS47,000
54Wii SportsNintendoWii40,000
6NEKouchuu Ouja: Mushi King Super CollectionSegaDS33,000
75Miru Chikara wo Jissen de Kitearu: DS Ganriki TrainingNintendoDS31,000
86Hajimete no WiiNintendoWii29,000
9NENaruto Shippuuden: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 5Takara TomyDS28,000
1013New Super Mario Bros.NintendoDS21,000
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