Atlus USA Announces Eternal Poison For PS2

Publisher Atlus announced that it will bring PlayStation 2 strategy RPG Eternal Poison, previously known as Poison Pink in Japan, stateside on November 11, 2008. Each copy of the game will be packaged with a soundtrack CD.
Publisher Atlus announced that it will bring Eternal Poison, a PlayStation 2 strategy RPG developed by Flight-Plan (Summon Night series), stateside on November 11, 2008. Originally titled Poison Pink and released in Japan by Banpresto on February 14, 2008, Eternal Poison has players collecting and capturing demons to add to their party or sacrifice to learn new spells. The dark fantasy title offers five stories, each with branching paths, in which players control five different parties on a quest to save a kidnapped princess and find the Eternal Poison, a legendary treasure hidden in the demonic world Besek. Each copy of Eternal Poison will be sold for $39.99 as a two-disc set, the second disc offering a soundtrack CD with selected music tracks from the game, which was composed by Takashi Okamoto.

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