A peek at Nintendo's early Wii Remote prototype for the GameCube

A piece of tech that emerged on Yahoo’s online auction platform grants developers a peek at the motion tracking tech that would eventually transform into the Nintendo Wii.

A prototype for a pre-Wii version of the console’s now iconic motion controller popped up on Yahoo Auctions over the weekend, eventually selling for a whopping 74,000 yen or roughly $664.

The auction, spotted by Ars Technica after its conclusion, shows a rough mock-up of a rectangular Wii Remote, an attachable Nunchuk controller, and an external sensor bar that all were made to seemingly work with a Nintendo GameCube (or at least GCN dev kits) rather than its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii Remote itself is corded, unlike its final version, and features a familiar GameCube controller plug at the end of that cord. The Nunchuk, though visually similar to its final production run, uses an ethernet port to connect to the bottom of the Wii Remote rather than the thicker connector Nintendo opted for in the actual controller. The sensor bar, meanwhile, is significantly larger than the one that shipped with the Wii and connects to the GameCube via its memory card slot. 

Game developer James Montagna has spoken to the prototype’s authenticity on Twitter, noting that he, in particular, remembers seeing the GameCube comparable prototype way back when the Wii was still known under its in-development name of the Nintendo Revolution. This particular prototype, he notes, borrows molds from the Gameboy Advance SP for its control pad, A button, and B button as well. Montagna has since shared a couple of other interesting pictures of Wii controller prototypes and pictures of the GameCube variant itself can be found on both on the purchaser's Twitter and the auction listing. 

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