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5 Tips for Finding Success as an Indie Game Developer

Add online play feature it will cover the loopholes in your game and will give them quality for their money and time.

As an Indie game developer, getting your game ready for release is already enough hassle. However making game that can stand against giants game titles when it comes to players choice is where the work lies.

Indie game developers who have created brilliant games but people don’t like or play often has not made success. Until, your Indie game has a community of stan players, you’re still in the playing ground.

Here are 5 Tips to Make Your Indie Game Players Favorite

This is the secret of real money games, their developers tailor their games to satisfy players needs. Their games are players favorite. Any up and coming Indie game developer must ensure that his/her game is players favorite.

1. Create a community before launching your game

If you have money for massive marketing then pay for commercials, register with promotions agencies, put your money where your mouth is. If not, there are smart (short) cuts you can adopt. Prior to the launch of your game, release an open beta on established gaming platform such as Steam. Doing this would get you some feedbacks and interests from gamers. Remember, no one will purchase a game that is not known.

2. Add online play feature

Even giant studio games have glitches, after so much money and time spent, players can still find issues to complain about. So what’s the chance that your game will be smooth and perfect? None, no chance.

However, if you add online play feature to your game, it will cover for the loopholes in your game. Players like to play with people. After they have proven how good they are to themselves, they want to challenge other players. This also strengthens your game community.

3. Keep your experiments to yourself

Yeah, we know that you’re super smart, and you can make a 3d game with all the latest technology but chill. Most of the gadgets people play games from are basic, not some high end technology gadgets. You would lose a huge number of potential players if your game is too advanced to run on their gadgets. Game developers never make this mistake. Make a game that is clean, not cheesy but is adaptable and can be played on average players gadgets. 

4. Update your game

Update your game when necessary, never allow players continue to put up with your game. Give them quality for their money and time. Updates from time to time would generally fix bugs, and make the game more user-friendly. Since the release, players would have given feedbacks, praising what they enjoy and complaining too. It’s your duty to maintain their attention by fixing these problems in updates or your game remains in the background.

5. Make a quality game

As I already mentioned, Indie games are up against major studio games, therefore an Indie game developer must be on his/her toes. Ensure that your game has gone through reviews after reviews, and you have cut out all cheesiness. Don’t be in a hurry to release your game, you have to get it right the first time. When independent game critics select your game for review, let it work positively for you. Impress them, or you would have their bad reviews hunt down your game.

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