360 Beats PS3 In Weekly Japanese Hardware Sales

Price cuts, new hardware bundles and the release of Ace Combat 6 has seen sales of the Xbox 360 beat the PS3 for the first time ever in Japan, albeit only by the slimmest of margins - while the DS and PSP remain the best selling consoles of the wee
Market research firm Media Create has revealed data for weekly hardware sales in Japan for the week ending November 4th, following details of the software top thirty. Thanks to a 13 percent price cut, new hardware bundles and the release of Ace Combat 6, sales of the Xbox 360 have exceeded the PlayStation 3 for the first time ever in Japan. However, the Nintendo DS remains the best selling console of the week - with sales up over 2,000 units to 78,597. PSP sales remain almost identical to the previous week, at 59,714 units. This continued success comes despite the highest ranking software title, Namco Bandai’s Gundam Battle Chronicle, charting only as high as number seventeen. Wii sales rose by just over 10,000 units this week, following the release of Super Mario Galaxy, to 37,617. These figures are still around half that of the Wii’s regular weekly sales from earlier in the year, with no reports of serious stock problems. With the highest ranked PlayStation 3 title being Hot Shots Golf 5 at number thirty-seven, hardware sales fell by over 1,000 units to 17,434. This allowed the Xbox 360 to leap into fourth place with 17,673 consoles sold – up by almost 14,000 units on the previous week. PlayStation 2 sales dropped by almost 1,500 units to a total of 10,209 for the week, while the Game Boy Advance family of consoles saw sales rise to 319 units.

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