RuneScape dev Jagex sold by parent company for $530 million

The Chinese company Fukong Interactive has sold the entirety of its stake in RuneScape developer Jagex, though the sale is a result of Fukong's existing debt rather than of Jagex's performance.

Update: Jagex itself says that a sale has not been finalized, noting that there are other possible outcomes to the current situation. Original story continues below: 

The Chinese company Fukong Interactive has sold the entirety of its stake in RuneScape developer Jagex.

Talk of an impending sale had been circulating since early this year, with Jagex stating in January that its parent company may include the studio in a list of assets it would sell off as part of a major reorganization.

The sale was reported by the Chinese publication Yicai Global late last month, and spotted by MMOFallout shortly after. That original Yicai Global story lists the buyer as US Platinum Fortune and notes that the sale was necessary to pay down debt accrued by the parent company.

The studio’s selling price is given as $530 million, which is a good $230 million more than the $300 million Fukong paid to acquire Jagex back in 2016. 

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