Rainbow Six Siege takes after Fortnite by offering in-game reward for using 2FA

This gentle push toward a more secure account comes shortly after the announcement that enabling 2-Step Verification will soon be required for players to compete in ranked matches.

Ubisoft is following in Epic Games’ footsteps by offering players an in-game reward if they enable 2-Step Verification, sometimes called 2-Factor Authentication or 2FA, on their Ubisoft accounts.

The developer is offering Rainbow Six Siege players an exclusive skin for enabling the Google Authenticator-powered security feature. 

The move is similar to something announced by Fortnite dev Epic Games last week that delivers a dance emote to players that sign up for 2-Step Verification on their Epic Games accounts.

After setting up 2-Step Verification on their Ubisoft account, players will be prompted to enter a limited-time code displayed by the Google Authenticator smartphone app every time they log in, theoretically thwarting any would-be account thieves in the process. 

This gentle push toward a more secure Ubisoft account also comes shortly after the developer announced via Rainbow Six Siege’s patch notes that enabling 2-Step Verification will soon be required for players to compete in ranked matches.

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