Rainbow Six Siege is still hitting new concurrent player peaks on Steam

New seasonal content timed alongside a free week scheduled makes for an appealing time for the masses to flock toward Ubisoft's team-versus-team tactical showdown.

Ubisoft created powerful momentum with Rainbow Six Siege, and things don't seem to be slowing down despite the game being now six years out from its first release.

As spotted by the folks over at Eurogamer, Rainbow Six Siege managed to beat its personal peak concurrent players record on Steam over the weekend. According to stats captured by the unofficial Steam tool SteamDB, Rainbow Six Siege hit 201,053 concurrent players on Saturday, beating out its previous record from March 2020 by just over 1,000 players.

The jump didn't come out of the blue, however. New seasonal content for experienced players timed alongside a free week scheduled to end on March 25 makes for an appealing time for the masses to flock toward Ubisoft's team-versus-team tactical showdown.

Prior to this latest milestone, Ubisoft has heaped praise on the growing player base (and revenue) for Rainbow Six Siege over the years. While the game has taken second fiddle to more high-profile recent Ubisoft releases like Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Watch Dogs Legion in recent months, this weekend's peak player jump, however slight, shows that Rainbow Six Siege remains a strong presence in Ubisoft's lineup.

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