Minecraft update brings cross-platform play to PlayStation 4

Microsoft-owned Mojang has received the go-ahead to give PlayStation 4 players the ability to play alongside those playing on Xbox One, Switch, and mobile.

Microsoft-owned Mojang has received the go-ahead to bring the modern version of Minecraft, the game’s Bedrock edition, to the PlayStation 4, ushering in new content along with the ability to play alongside players on Xbox One, Switch, and mobile.

Tomorrow’s launch of Bedrock for Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 also grants access to the Minecraft Marketplace, an online store that deals in a mixture of free and paid cosmetics, maps, and mini-games built for or with Minecraft.

Xbox One, Switch, and mobile have all had access to cross-play and all of the game's recent content updates since Minecraft’s Better Together update launched back in 2017, but the PlayStation 4, long known for an aversion to cross-play, was left behind until this latest announcement.

At the time, PlayStation marketing head Jim Ryan suggested part of the reason PlayStation wasn't onboard with Minecraft cross-play on day one was due to the platform's responsibility to protect the young fans of the game from "external influences we have no ability to manage or look after" through interactions with players outside of the PlayStation ecosystem.

Those early Better Together platforms were also powered by Xbox Live, requiring players log in to their Xbox Live account to participate in cross-play. The same is now true for the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft, though players won't need the paid Xbox Live Gold typically required for Xbox-related online play. 

The PlayStation 4 has offered cross-play for a handful of titles in the last couple of years, most notably in the case of Epic Games’ Fortnite, and was allowing select developers to offer the feature during what it was calling a beta period. PlayStation 4 cross-play officially left beta in October, seemingly allowing developers to introduce cross-play to “any titles that studios provide the functionality for.”

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