Just Dance 2019 under fire for advertising paid subscription in 'Kids Mode'

An online complaint from a parent has prompted Ubisoft to apologize for how it advertises songs locked behind a paid subscription when the game is in "Kids Mode."

An online complaint from a parent has prompted Ubisoft to apologize for how it advertises songs locked behind a paid subscription in Just Dance 2019 when the game is in the simplified Kids Mode, a mode that Ubisoft totes as a “safe space for kids to have fun and enjoy dancing.”

The complaint stems from a Reddit post from the parent of a six-year-old who pointed out that the game still lists songs that are only available with a paid Just Dance Unlimited subscription while running in Kids Mode and, when one of those songs is selected, prompts the player to subscribe for access.

In a statement received by Eurogamer, a Ubisoft representative says that it is “currently working hard on solving this issue” and chalks the error itself up to confusing labeling. However, this seems to be an issue present in only some versions of the game, including the North American version. The UK release of Just Dance 2019, as noted by Eurogamer, only shows players in Kids Mode songs that are owned and accessible, likely due to stricter regulations about how video games can advertise in-game purchases to children. 

"We realized that the labeling of the content in-game and more especially the difference between what's included on the cartridge/disc and what's available in the Just Dance Unlimited streaming service in the Just Dance Kids mode could be confusing for our players. We never intended to create an uncomfortable situation for parents," reads the statement. "Just Dance is a game that's meant to be accessible for everyone, and it's really important for us to provide a protective and safe environment for all of our players, including families. We are currently working hard on solving this issue as soon as possible."

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