Dota 2 now dynamically discloses loot box odds in-game

Dota 2 players can now click on an arrow right next to one of the game’s purchasable “treasure” loot boxes to see the odds for rare, very rare, and extremely rare drops.

Valve has shipped a patch for Dota 2 that bakes dynamic loot box odds right into the in-game menu where players purchase “treasure” boxes. The patch introduces a clickable arrow next to each type of treasure that displays the current odds for rare, very rare, and extremely rare drops.

What’s neat about Dota 2’s new feature is that per-box odds typically shift as players open more and more packs, and the odds listed in-game will always reflect those current odds rather than a general percentage of overall drop rates.

It’s becoming increasingly common for developers to disclose those loot box odds either in-game or on a game’s website as lawmakers and governing bodies voice concerns over the similarities between the monetization system and gambling. 

Valve itself has had its share of problems with loot box regulation in the past. The company recently shifted the way loot boxes work in the Netherlands for both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 in an effort to navigate around requests from The Netherlands Gaming Authority. 

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