Chime Leads OneBigGame To $100,000 Profit For Charity

Nonprofit publisher OneBigGame says that in its first official year in operation, Zoe Mode's Chime led it to over $100,000 in profit -- more than 96 percent of which will be donated to children's charities.
OneBigGame was founded with the vision of game development for a good cause, a publisher whose profits would be dedicated to support children's charities. Today the company announces that in its first official year in operation, it earned over $100,000 in profit -- more than 96 percent of which will be donated. The beneficiaries of OneBigGame will be the company's partners, Save the Children and Starlight Children's Foundation. Most of the funds were generated by Zoe Mode's musical puzzler Chime, which launched on Xbox Live Arcade and PC last year. "We are very happy to announce these first positive results from what we feel is a unique and new way of raising funds for charity," says OneBigGame director Martin de Ronde. "Through games created by famous game developers and development studios, we can now help children in need, which we think is a fantastic mechanism." "Needless to say we’re grateful to Zoe Mode and their launch game Chime to help realize these results," he adds. Zoe Mode says it looks forward to continuing its relationship with the charity. The company has further games lined up to continue its fundraising activities in the year ahead, beginning with Masaya Matsuura's WINtA, which recently released on iPhone, as well as a tablet racing game from David Perry and Minesweeper Adventure from Charles Cecil. "This is an innovative new way of raising funds for charity and the partnership introduces our vital and lifesaving work to a whole new audience of gamers," says corporate partnerships director Douglas Rouse of Save the Children. "We hope this partnership will help people learn about our No Child Born to Die campaign, a battle to stop 8 million children dying before their fifth birthday every year."

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