Brawl Continues Smash Success In Japanese Charts

The latest Japanese game sales data has confirmed that Super Smash Bros. Brawl has sold over 1 million units in less than two weeks, with a strong entry from the latest Gundam game on the PSP and the first appearance of Family Ski in the top
The latest data from regular weekly chart provider Media Create puts Super Smash Bros. Brawl at the top of the Japanese charts for the second week. With another 252,000 units sold, the Media Create total for the game is now approximately 1,071,000 units – agreeing with Enterbrain data that the game passed the 1 million mark in less than two weeks. There are fewer new releases this week than last, with the most significant being the latest Mobile Suit Gundam license for the PSP at number two, with 123,000 units sold. With the PSP hardware now selling better than ever in Japan, it has become increasingly easy for PSP software to puncture the top ten, even if most titles tend to show little chart longevity. The only other new entry is manga and anime license L: The Prologue to Death Note for the Nintendo DS at number seven, with 18,000 units sold. A more significant trend for the week is the number of older titles re-appearing in the top ten, after last week’s influx of new titles. Wii Sports rises five places to number six and Namco Bandai’s Family Ski is up four places to number eight with 18,000 units sold. As the first third-party title to use the Wii Fit Balance Board as an optional control system, the game’s creeping success may prove significant – if only because it is unusual for Japanese releases to increase their chart position after their initial debut.
TWLWTitlePublisherFormatWeekly Sales
11Dairantou Smash Brothers XNintendoWii252,000
2NEKidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Axis no KyouiNamco BandaiPSP123,000
35Wii FitNintendoWii65,000
42Devil May Cry 4CapcomPS332,000
58Mario & Sonic at Bejing OlympicsNintendoDS26,000
611Wii SportsNintendoWii21,000
7NEL: The Prologue to Death Note - Rasen no WanaKonamiDS20,000
812Family SkiNamco BandaiWii18,000
93Tales of Destiny: Director's CutNamco BandaiPS217,000
1013Mario Party DSNintendoDS16,000
Media Create Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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