We're streaming the Prey demo at 3PM EDT

Bethesda has released a demo for Prey, but why? We'll be playing the demo and talking about the company's recent marketing moves and the challenges of selling games in 2017.

A game demo?! In 2017?! It can happen! Arkane Studios’ shooter Prey isn’t due to land until next week, but to publicize its release, publisher Bethesda has released a demo of the game that shows off the first hour. 

Now what’s interesting is that for many reasons, game demos have not been in vogue with publishers for a long, long time. So why is Bethesda dropping a demo for Prey? Does it have anything to do with their decision to not send review copies to press? Is there anything practical here for developers looking for advice to improve their game sales? We’ll try to find out when we stream the game’s demo and discuss its launch today at 3PM EDT. 

If you’re looking for more gameplay commentary from Gamasutra, be sure to follow our Twitch channel, where you’ll also get high-quality developer interviews and trenchant editor roundtables. 

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