War Child opens submissions for its latest 'Help' charity game jam

This year UK charity War Child is taking submissions (via through November of mobile games made with Unity that have been built in six days or less, and are no larger than 50 megabytes.

UK-based charity War Child has brought back its "Help" game jam, which challenges devs to quickly make games that War Child can then bundle together and sell to raise funding for its efforts to help children in conflict zones around the world.

Notably, this year War Child is accepting submissions (via from now through November of mobile games made with Unity that have been built in six days or less, and are no larger than 50 megabytes. A panel of judges will then choose one submission to be included in a bundle of mobile games that will be put on sale to raise money for the charity.

It's not yet clear what other studios will be involved in making games for the bundle; last year, War Child worked with studios like Rovio, Team 17, and Bossa Studios to create a package of 12 games (made in the course of a six-day global game jam) that were then sold on Steam for $15.

"We were delighted with the games that came out of the project and they motivated us to aim to go bigger this year, focusing on the mobile platform so we can reach a wider audience," War Child's Adam Holmes recently told Itch. "Game jams are a fantastic way to engage the developer and gaming communities, we want developers to come away from this knowing that they can make a real impact with their skillset."

The charity has a history of working with the game industry to raise funding for its work, and recently launched its own dedicated GameOn fundraising hub for game devs who want to help out. More details on this year's game jam can be found over on the "Help: War Child" jam page.

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