Video: Why devs don't need a [email protected]#$ing publisher

At GDC Devolver Digital's Nigel Lowrie argues that you as a game dev don't really need a publisher to ship video games -- until you really do, that is, at which point he has some suggestions for you.

It is the year 2016. The recent rise in prominence of indie developers and small- to mid-tier studios has brought with it a new generation of marketing partners, indie labels, and other entities that do some or all of (or more than) what a traditional game publisher does.

Devolver Digital is one such entity, and at GDC 2016 earlier this year Devolver Digital's Nigel Lowrie took the stage to remind devs that they absolutely, positively, do not need a publisher.

However, he went on to note that there are legitimate reasons for an indie dev to work with a publisher or publisher-like company, and provided some sample questions indie devs should ask themselves while deciding whether or not that's the right move for their business.

He also offered some advice on what to look out for when assessing such "notorious jackals" in a thoroughly entertaining talk that was well worth watching for any indie dev contemplating the future of their business.

If you missed seeing it in person, no worries: you can now watch the entire talk for free over on the official GDC YouTube channel.

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