Video: Telltale's long episodic road to The Walking Dead

In this free GDC Vault video, The Walking Dead creator Telltale Games explains how digital distribution helped the company go from independent developer to publisher.
Courtesy of the GDC Vault is another free session video from GDC 2012. In this lecture, Telltale Games CEO and co-founder Dan Connors explains how his company went from a small start-up of LucasArts veterans who still believed in adventure games to the digital publishing powerhouse that published last year's hit The Walking Dead, detailing how and why the episodic model can still work for games. Session Name: Empowered by Digital Distribution: From Innovative Developer to Independent Publisher Speaker(s): Dan Connors Company Name(s): Telltale Games Track / Format: Business and Marketing and Management Overview: The digital distribution success that Telltale Games has experienced in the last few years has fueled their evolution from indie developer with a vision to the gaming industry's only large scale, independent multi-platform digital first publisher. Telltale Games CEO and co-founder Dan Connors will share how the episodic, digital content vision the company was founded on in 2004 has evolved, explain how the most of the games industry has moved to episodic content distributed digitally over the past few years, discuss Telltale's perspective on current industry digital publishing trends and take the audience through the concept of Self Segregating Audiences and the success factors he believes are critical to any successful digital publishing business focused on interactive entertainment seeking high Revenue Per User (RPU) transactions.

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