Video: 'It's much easier to be original than conventional' - Tale of Tales

"We're not rich, but we're still here." The Path and The Graveyard devs recap their last 10 years of work in experimental art games, and discuss their resolutions for the next 10 years.
"...It takes a silly amount of effort to make a conventional game. It's much easier to be original... than to be conventional."
At GDC Europe 2013, Tale of Tales developers Michael Samyn and Auriea Harvey share this as part of their list of resolutions for the next decade. In this free GDC Europe 2013 talk titled 'The Next Ten Years of Tale of Tales' (courtesy of GDC Vault), studio co-founders Harvey and Samyn review the designs and finances behind its first 10 years as a developer, and talk about how their research will inform their future. The talk ends with trailers for their upcoming projects: Luxuria Superbia, An Empty World, and The Book of 8 (the realization of the team's first unfinished project from 2002).

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