Video: Building Glitch City, a Voltron-like indie dev collective

At GDC Next 2014, indie developers Asher Vollmer, Teddy Diefenbach, Ben Esposito and other Glitch City members discuss their failures and successes in founding an indie dev collective and workspace.

Making it as an indie game maker is tough; small development teams don't have access on their own to the same resources as large companies.

By banding together with other developers they can amplify their reach, expand their resources, and find new collaborators, as a group of L.A.-based indies have done by founding the Glitch City developer collective and workspace in Culver City.

However, along with its benefits, creating a larger entity comes with its share of complications and challenges. Building an inclusive, productive community is difficult, and the lines between collective and clique can become blurry to outsiders as well as members of the group.

At GDC Next 2014, members of Glitch City took the stage to discuss their failures and successes growing from disparate groups of friends to a large community.

If you missed the talk in person, you can now watch the free video of 'Indie Voltron: Building A Development Collective' (embedded above) here on the GDC Vault.

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