Unity rolls out new major features in update 2018.1

Unity version 2018.1 is now available to developers with several updates and new features.

Unity version 2018.1 is now available to developers, with the scriptable render pipeline and C# job system representing two highlighted features implemented to help improve graphics quality and runtime performance.

The scriptable render pipeline allows for devs to customize the rendering pipeline and material shaders, giving maximum control without the complexity of writing or modifying a complete C++ rendering pipeline.

Two rendering pipelines included are the high-definition render pipeline for devs wanting to create AAA looking experiences, and the lightweight render pipeline for those who don’t need ultra-high end graphics, offering a combination of looks and speed (ideal for mobile). 

The C# job system enables devs to take advantage of the multicore processors currently available, which provides an easy sandbox to write parallel code. It also provides protection from the pitfalls of multi-threading, like race conditions and deadlocks.

However, it's important to note that some new features in 2018.1 are still in preview, meaning that they aren't recommended for production or fully supported just yet. In preview, devs can modify and experiment with the features at an early stage as a separate, modularized package.

For more information about Unity 2018.1, be sure to check out the blog post here

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