Ubisoft plans next-generation theme park in Kuala Lumpur

Assassin's Creed creator Ubisoft has announced plans to build a "next-generation theme park" based around its popular video game franchises.

Assassin's Creed creator Ubisoft has announced plans to work with a partner to build a "next-generation theme park" in Malaysia. 

Scheduled to open in 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, the park will be a 10,000 square meter indoor complex featuring "rides, shows, and other attractions" all based around popular Ubisoft franchises. 

“Ubisoft’s intention for this park is to immerse people in reactive worlds where they can interact with each other and become the heroes of their own life-sized game,” said Jean de Rivières, senior vice president of Ubisoft Motion Pictures - the division leading the project. 

Rivières believes the success of Ubisoft's Rabbids dark ride at the Futuroscope theme park in France proves the concept has potential. Ubisoft Motion Pictures will create the park in partnership with Malaysian developer RSG, who will own and operate the park while Ubisoft maintains creative control. 

According to Rivières, "Ubisoft will produce all digital media for the rides, and help design guests’ journey into the park to ensure the visitors’ experience is at its best."

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