Turning Your Game Idea Into a Reality

There are a few approaches you can take to design the game of your dreams.


People who have great ideas but lack the technical skill to materialize them can seek out certain people to assist them. However, there are a few approaches they can take to design the game of their dreams. One choice is to contact professional app developers and pay them to design it. When examining a company, ask to see a portfolio of their work to determine if they have the necessary skills to assist you.


Avoid Regular Software Companies


When looking at an app development company, try to find a specialized company that develops games. Additionally, the person may want to hire a nearby company to monitor the development. A close on the project ensures that it does not veer off course. Many app developers do not accept concepts from people to prevent accusations of plagiarism, so contact the company ahead of time to see if they accept design concepts.


Check Game Design Forums


One online location to rally technical people to a cause is to ask the programming forums. These areas have people who are knowledgeable in game design and can help a person to materialize their idea. Some may be enthusiastic to help them create a game. An element to understand is that the person will likely have to pay them for their services or a portion of the profit to give them the drive to help.


Concept Art


Creative individuals can create concept art to inspire people to help with the idea. Moreover, concept art helps to embody the idea. If the mastermind of the project does not have art skills, they can allow others to draw the concept art. One way to get others to do the concept is to operate a fan site and have a contest for the best concept art.


Testing and Execution of the Idea


Great ideas are a dime a dozen, but the implementation is crucial for it to remain a great idea. When a person gets people to engage with their ideas, they can test it to find the weaknesses. This helps them to iron out the flaws. Tracking and setting deadlines is equally important, and if the creative individual shows this to technical people, they will see that the person is serious about the idea. A deadline makes the project feel realistic, and it ensures that the project moves forward.


Consider App Development as a One-person Project


Nowadays, there are programs a creative person can use to create the game themselves. In some cases, these programs do not require scripting knowledge to succeed. An alternative option is to use a program like Microsoft Visual Basic or use a raw script. Some people use the Microsoft app accelerator program referred to as AppCampus. This program has brought more than 100 original titles to Windows phone stores.


Avoid Too Much Perfectionism


Perfectionism to some extent can increase the quality of a game, but an individual should avoid becoming a perfectionist. Too much perfectionism will paralyze the project. This is one of the reasons it can sometimes be better to have technically gifted people working on the idea because they are less attached. It allows them to finish it without the trivial aspects obstructing their path. If an individual decides to work on the project themselves, they should learn critical evaluation skills. This helps them to decide about the aspects that require time and effort.


Create a Personal Board of Advisers


Learn from those who have done it before. One failure of beginning entrepreneurs is to think that they have all the ideas because it is their idea. An experienced personal board of advisers can guide individuals based on their own failures and successes. Entrepreneurs seeking to break into the field of game design can find these advisers from networking on forums. However, even if a person has a board of advisers, it is important not to let them obstruct the original vision. A shrewd game designer carefully evaluates the input received.


Game Development Costs


If an entrepreneur plans to outsource the app development, they need to consider the design and animation. Moreover, they must consider the number of screens for the game and the quality testing. The cost depends on the quality an individual is looking for. However, understand that game development costs money. A reputable company will cost more because the quality is better.


Product Launch!


Once the person has launched their game, they will need to advertise it on specific banner ads. This generates traffic, and it inspires some people to purchase the game if they like it. Instead of offering the game for purchase, a game developer can offer the app for free and put ads on it.


Sell the Vision


Having a great idea requires knowing how to sell it. A person should understand the audience they are presenting their game to in order to achieve success. Simplicity is one of the keys, and making it easy for others to understand the concepts.


Pursuing excellence requires a person to unleash their passion. A person who puts passion into their idea will increase the likelihood of turning it into a reality. Getting app developers to rally to a cause and help with the creation requires knowing how to sell it. If work is put into the process of selling it, more people will want to take part in the creation of it. Especially if an entrepreneur gives them reasons to want to participate.


This post comes from Orange Digital, an app development firm in Brisbane, Australia. If you have an idea for the next killer Android or iOS game, but lack the technical expertise to bring it to life, get in contact with Orange Digital.


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