There's a new game streaming service entering beta today: Utomik

The startup's "Netflix for games" platform is entering open beta today at the (temporary) price of $6/month for unlimited access to a catalog of over 100 games.

Subscription-based game streaming service Utomik is entering open beta today in Canada, the U.S. and parts of Europe with a catalog of 145 games and a monthly price of $6 that will climb to $10 once the beta ends.

It's interesting to see another company take a shot at launching a streaming game service when the game industry has seen so many similar attempts struggle to succeed in recent years.

Memorably, early standouts Gaikai and OnLive each, in turn, faltered and were snapped up by Sony as it turned to launch its own PlayStation Now console game streaming service.

As it stands now, Utomik is PC-only and, unlike many similar services, allows subscribers to download games from its catalog to their PC rather than streaming them entirely from a remote machine.

Utomik claims its service can deliver a given game to a subscriber in a segmented fashion, such that the initial download is quite small but nevertheless "enough to start playing very quickly" as the remainder of the game is downloaded. 

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